Tuesday, June 3, 2014

16 Classic Dr. Suess and Little Golden Books to be sent to Logos Chosen Academy

(WATAMU)  Reading is how we learn and grow.  16 used Walt Disney classic fairy tale and early readers by Dr. Suess will be on the way to the children of Logos Chosen Academy of Watamu, Kenya.  Fostering a love of books, the children also will have free access via YouTube to READING RAINBOW, a popular PBS TV program from 1983 to 2006, which is making a comeback.
Since Jan. 6, 2014 when the Academy opened, the children have been progressing in English in an excellent manner under the tutelage of Mr. Aboingo Krizia, Madame Agnes, Madame Sophia, Madame Joy, and Mr. Peter Gunga, Computer Lab instructor.  So far, there is only one laptop available, but we are praying for more computers for the 47 children in R classes ranging from age 2 to age 14.
TO HELP ME COVER SHIPPING CHARGES, please give a gift by June 10.  Books should arrive in 6 weeks, in time for summer reading. +
Athena Marler Creamer
USA Director

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mary has a bed! Mary has a bed! Joy at the Breath of Heaven Children's Home in Watamu, Kenya

Pastor Samuel selects brand new mattresses which Pastor Josephine installs.  Young Mary will sleep with another little girl tonight in comfort, off the cold, dusty floor for the first time since she arrived at the orphanage which celebrated their one year anniversary on Valentine's Day this past February 14, 2014.  8 bunkbeds will sleep 32 children.  We have raised enough for 4 bunkbeds and mattresses and a fund has been started to raise the balance.  No gift is too small.  God bless you!

The Orphan's Needs for May at the Breath of Heaven Children's Home, Watamu, Kenya

NEED PARTIALLY MET FOR BEDS: 4 bunkbeds to sleep 16 additional children $1,000 (FIRST $1,000 for 4 bunkbeds plus mattresses)

FOOD AND NUTRITION for 30 children $500 ($66 RAISED- $434 NEEDED Instant donations:

RENT on compound: $120 NEED MET

MAY TEACHER PAY (AND HELPER) $310 (still a need)

NEED HAS BEEN MET --MEDICINE CHEST SUPPLIES (bandaids, guaze pads, tape, neosporin, Peptobismol tablets, cough drops, hydrocortisone cream,
baby tylenol tablets, benadryl allergy tablets, hot/cold pads, children's chewable multivitamins. (NO LIQUIDS...MUST GO THROUGH AIRPORT CUSTOMS)

28 TEASPOONS FOR DINING (lightweight) $14

UNDERPANTS (BOYS AND GIRLS, age 2 through 10) $30




A foldable wall World Map for the Logos Chosen Academy for Geography $4

10 Dollar Tree sewing kits for the girls Sewing Club $10

10 Dollar Tree reading glasses for adults Bible Study $10

14 White Pillowcases (to cut in half to make 28 pillows for orphans)?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Only 3 sips of milk per week.....

MILK AND DAILY FOOD for the Breath of Heaven Children's Home

Three times per week, 28 orphans in Watamu, Kenya at the Breath of Heaven Children's Home are treated to a cup of black tea, with milk and sugar.
That is only 3 sips of milk PER WEEK for growing children.  Imagine how their bones must be suffering, and the leg cramps.  I had "growing pains" as a child, and they seemed worse at night when falling asleep.
The Pastor's cupboards stay bare.  Meals are only served once or twice if possible per day, and consist of boiled sweet potato or black flour.  Whenever possible, the diet will include some beans, maize or rice and a bit of vegetable or some meat. Oil is needed to make the dumplings to boil in broth.
The community merchants run a tab for the orphanage, but even they must be paid, or accounts paid down, to get food for the next day.
I am hoping to make a difference.
Yes, my friends, YOU HAVE stepped up and given in emergencies and God BLESS YOU for the substenance you provided, sometimes wired through Western Union only a few hours before the children awakened!  THEY don't know that their food is borrowed or gotten on credit.
The Pastors, Samuel and Josephine pray every day for a way to feed them...for their Daily Bread.
Sometimes the adults fast and let their portions go to the children.  Sometimes it is for a spiritual fast.
GOD HAS MOVED so greatly at the Breath of Heaven in the past, and He will again!
Please consider giving a regular gift, small or great, through our Paypal donation button, and pray to the Lord that they will never fear hunger again.

Athena Marler Creamer
USA Director of Fundraising

Friday, February 21, 2014

"Reach Out Campaign" to pay our Teachers, $220 Urgently Needed


 We are short this month $220 to pay our wonderful teachers of the Logos Chosen Academy which opened on January 6, 2014.  One teacher was paid $20 out of $100, one teacher has received full pay of $80, and one has received nothing instead of $100.   Also, the kitchen helper has not received his salary of $40.

The average Kenyan earns $3 per day. Teaching is skilled labor.

It is so important that all our teachers are paid for work they have already done because we want to keep them. We are reaching out in this campaign to pay our teachers $220 total which is needed immediately. They have their own families to support, and have been so faithful and dedicated.  If you can help, please click the DONATE button. You will receive a receipt and a report on all the good you have done, with Pastor Samuel's written thanks from Watamu, Kenya.  You may also choose to give anonymously or make it a monthly gift.

We want you to be a part of this mission. You are significant and wanted.  Help us.  Give us your ideas and thoughts and prayers. Let us pray for your needs.  This is the poorest orphanage in Watamu and every dollar goes directly to the children's needs, without administrative overhead.  The only cost we incur are Paypal and Western Union fees.  We also accept checks and that saves us Paypal fees.

We are praying for you.

Here's where to send help:  Athena M. Creamer, USA Director of Fundraising, 2730 State Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405.  (850) 333-8202

Join me in saying, "Ask me about my orphanage in Kenya"

God bless you!